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ASPMN® Past Award Recipients​

Please nominate a collea​gue so they can join this exclusive group of outstanding nurses who have already been recognized as leaders in their field.​ Click here for more information and nomination forms.

Chapter Excellence Award​​​​​​​

​2018 Greater Kansas CIty Chapter2012 Wisconsin Chapter
2017 Garden State Chapter​​​​2011 North Virginia Chapter
​2016 Greater Kansas City Chapter​​​2010 Eastern Massachusetts Chapter
​2015 Maryland Chapter2009 St. Louis Chapter
​​2014 Chicago Metro Chapter​​2008 Long Island Chapter
​​2013 Southern California Chapter​2007 St. Louis Chapter
​​2006 Arizona Chapter

Dr. Jo Eland, Excellence in Pediatric Nursing Award

​2018 Helen N. Turner, DNP, PCNS-BC, AP-PMN, FAAN​2013 Sandra I. Merkel, MS, RN-BC
​2017 Susan O'Conner-Von PhD, RN-BC, CH​PPN, CNE​2012 Kimberly Wittmayer, APN, PCNS-BC, AP-PMN
​2016 Teri Reyburn-Orne, RN-BC, MSN, PPCNP-BC/CPNP-AC, AP-PMN​​2011 Michelle L. Czarnecki, MSN, RN-BC, CPNP
2015 Not Awarded
​2014 Sharon K. Wrona, DNP, RN-BC, PNP, PMHS, AP-PMN​

Humanitarian Award

​2018 Not Awarded​2013 Not Awarded
​2017 Not Awarded​2012 Misty Kirby-Nolan, MSN, APN-CNP
2016 Trudy A. Laffoon, MA, RN-BC​2011 Lisa B. Holmes, MSN, RNBC, NP-c
​​2015 Joann M. Eland, PhD, RN, FAAN​2010 Lois Lagerman, EdD, ANP, BC
2014 Dorothy M. Stratman-Lucey, MSN, RN-BC, BC, PNP

Nurse Exemplar Award

​​2018 Barbara St. Marie, PhD, ANP-BC, GNP-BC​2011 Diane M. Santangelo, MS, RN, ANP-C
​​2017 Not Awarded​2010 Mary Beth Kean, DNP, APRN-CNS
​2016 Linda M. Vanni, MSN,RN-BC,ACNS-BC,NP​2009 April H. Vallerand, PhD, RN, FAAN
​2015 Jean L. Brontoli, BSN, RN-BC, OCN​2008 Jan L. Frandsen, MSN, CRNP
2014 Mary T. Lyons, RN-BC, APN​​2007 Karen A. Sikorski, MS, RN-BC, CNS
​2013 Daveda Voss, MS, APRN-FNP​​​2006 Chris Pasero, MS, RN-BC, FAAN​
​2012 Karen S. Kaiser, PhD, RN-BC, AOCN, CHPN​

Distinguished Service Award

​2018 Marilyn Strafer, RN-BC​2011 ​Helen N. Turner, DNP, APRN, PCNS-BC​
​​2017 Patricia Bruckenthal, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN​2010 ​Joyce S. Willens, PhD, RN-BC​
​2016 Theresa A. Grimes, Ph​Dc, RN-BC, FNP-BC, CCRN​2009 Karen A. Sikorski, MS, RN-BC, CNS​
​2015 Ann Marie T. Harootunian, RN-BC, MS, FNP-C​​2008 Mary Milano Carter, MS, ANP-BC, RN-BC
2014 Not Awarded​2007 Patricia Perry, BSN, CCRN​
​2013​  Laura Habighorst, BSN, RN, CAPA, CGRN​​2006 ​Marsha R. Stanton, PhD, RN​
​​2012 Kathleen Broglio, DNP, ANP, ACHPN, CPE​​

Clinical Practice Award​​

​2018 Barbara Wukovits, RN, BSN, BC​2011 Hazel Jackson, RN, MN, ACNS-BC, CHPN, RN-BC
​2017 Karen Macey-Stewart, MSN-BC, AGPCNP​2010 Francine C. Hoh, PhD, APN, ACHPRN, ACNS
​2016 Victoria A. Grillo, MSN, RN-BC​2009 Mary J. Kelly, RN-BC, ONC
2015 Lois J. Pizzi, MSN, ACNS-BC, RN-BC​2008 Tom Nicholson, RN
​​2014 Anne F. Miglio, ​RN, ANP-C​2007 Dorothy M. Stratman-Lucey, MSN, RN-BC, BC, PNP
​2013 Noreen O. Peyatt, APRN, ACNS, MSN ED​2006 Anne Marie L. Kelly, BSN, RN-BC, CHPN
​2012 Esther I. Bernhofer, PhD, RN-BC, CPE​

Advocacy Award

​​2018 Melanie H. Simpson, PhD, RN-BC, OCN​2011 Karen Kiefer, RN-BC, AAS, BAIS
​​2017 Not Awarded​2010 Not Awarded
2016 Marsha R. Stanton, PhD, RN​​2009 ​Rosemary C. Polomano, PhD, RN, FAAN​
​2015 April H. Vallerand, PhD, RN, FAAN​2008 ​Nancy R. Kowal, MS, APRN-BC
​2014 Northern IL Pain Resource Nurse Consortium​2007 Not Awarded
​2013 Not Awarded​2006 Kathryn Bond, RN, MPA and Pamela Bennett, BSN, RN​
​2012 Not Awarded

Nurse Exemplar Award in Pain Management of the Older Adult

​​2018 Not Awarded​2011 Ann M. Schreier, PhD
​2017 Not Awarded​2010 Not Awarded
​2016 Francine C. Hoh, PhD, APN, ACHPRN, ACNS​2009 Not Awarded
2015 Not Awarded​2008 Patricia Bruckenthal, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN
​​2014 Not Awarded​2007 Anne Marie L. Kelly, BSN, RN-BC, CHPN​
​2013 Hazel Jackson, RN, MN, ACNS-BC, CHPN, RN-BC​​2006 Keela Heer, PhD, RN, FAAN​
2012 ​Kimberly Wittmayer, APN, PCNS-BC, AP-PMN​​