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​Renew Today!

Membership Renewal

and Auto-Pay Enrollment Open

It's time to renew your ASPMN® Membership Dues! Simply follow the instructions below to renew your 2021 membership by December 31, 2020.

**If you are a student that has graduated and need to become an active member, please contact the ASPMN® office at or 913-222-8666 so that we can update your record before you renew.**

Enrolling in auto-pay will allow you to renew your membership with one annual payment, or quarterly, whichever suits your budget. You may only enroll in auto-payment by credit card or ACH withdrawal while you are renewing, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! If you enroll in auto-pay, next year, you will receive a reminder and can sit back and relax knowing your payment is being made.

  • Login to your account through the ASPMN® website by clicking the button above (if you are not already logged in).
  • Access your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click the "Renew Now" button then "Proceed to Checkout."
  • Click the "Auto Payment Enrollment" button under Payment Options.
  • Select the frequency that you prefer to be charged - either annually or quarterly.
  • Check the box next to the payment amount and also the box at the bottom to authorize payment.
  • Click the Save My Enrollment Selections button.
  • Enter payment information
  • Click Submit Payment 

Thank You!!  We appreciate having you as a member!

Would you like to attend the ASPMN® 2021 Conference in San Antonio for FREE?

Renew your 2021 ASPMN® membership on or before December 31
AND register for auto-renewal to be entered in the raffle for a complimentary 2021 ASPMN® National Conference Registration in San Antonio, Texas, September 29-October 2, 2021.

Membership Reinstatement

Has your membership been expired for one or more years? You can now reinstate your membership online by using the links below.

Any United States citizen or permanent resident who is licensed to practice as a professional registered nurse and is interested in pain management. Active members can vote, hold office, and serve on committees.

An individual enrolled in a nursing education program leading to eligibility for registered nurse licensure or BSN degree completion. Student members shall be excluded from holding office and serving on committees. 

A professional registered nurse licensed and practicing outside North America, and not licensed in North America.
International members shall be excluded from holding office and voting. International members can be asked to be a non-voting committee member if approved by the Board of Directors.

Includes LPN/LVNs, and other health care professionals who are interested in ASPMN®’s goals (e.g., pharmacists, social workers). Associate members shall be excluded from holding office and voting. An Associate Member can be a member of a committee.