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​​​​​Position Statements

For more organizational statements, visit the Advocac​y page​.


A Position Statement is an assertion of the beliefs held, encouraged and supported by ASPMN®, and adopted in accordance with ASPMN®'s bylaws, policies, and procedures. 

It should be recognized that these position statements are recommendations only and are not codified in law or regulations.​



  • ASPMN® Position Statements - Position statements are recommendations for a course of action or statement of beliefs that reflects ASPMN®'s stance regarding an issue of importance to safe practice, safe care and optimal patient outcomes.

  • ASPM​N® Joint Statements - Joint position statements are an assertion of the beliefs held, encouraged and supported but written in collaboration with other external organizations with mutual interest.

  • ASPMN® Supported Statements - Supported position statements are statements written by an external organization with content expertise identifying a course of action or statement of belief. These statements are officially supported by ASPMN®.​
  • Archived Position Statements​ - A position statement is archived when it is deemed to be no longer pertinent or significant to current practicel is no longer an assertion of a belief held, encouraged or supported by ASPMN®; and/or if it is no longer in accordance with ASPMN® bylaws, strategic plan or code of ethics.


Process for Developing, Submitting and Approving ASPMN Position Statements