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​Why Certify

Why Certify ASPMN® and the ANCC offered their first national pain management certification exam in October 2005. Knowing what the test questions are based on may help you to consider the quality and pride in sitting for and being awarded certification in pain management.

The exam was the culmination of several research-based efforts to identify the role delineation, scope and standards for practice and the blueprint or core curriculum for pain management nursing. The American Nurses' Association recognized pain management as a specialty within the practice of nursing in 2005 based on this unique role and scope of practice. The Core Curriculum for Pain Management Nursing (2002) provided the scientific bases and nursing processes for practice at basic and advanced levels of practice, together with age and cultural variables and across comprehensive environments. Position Statements published by ASPMN® provided additional guidelines for evidenced based practice. Item writers for the ANCC examination were given these references and others to develop test questions.

So, when you sit for the exam you are validating your knowledge of this unique specialty in nursing. Pain Management Certification means that you possess sufficient knowledge of pain physiology, pathophysiology and how to apply the nursing process to produce effective outcomes for pain management as judged by experts from the ANCC and ASPMN®. Your knowledge encompasses the evidenced based works that pain management nursing is built upon. You are among a select group of nurses.

ASPMN® Disclaimer: ASPMN® supports the ANCC in its mission to develop fair and reasonable exams to confer pain management nursing certification. However, ASPMN® is not involved in the selection of any of the test questions, in determining what constitutes passing the exam, and/or in determining any certification eligibility criteria. ASPMN®, as the organization that represents Pain Management Nursing, conducted the original role delineation study utilized by ANCC, developed the Core Curriculum in Pain Management Nursing, the Scope and Standards for Pain Management Nursing and Position Statements that constitute a framework for specialty practice.​