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​​ASPMN® Board of Directors​

​ASPMN® Call for Nominations 

We are seeking your nominations of candidates to stand for election for the 2019-21 ASPMN® Board of Directors. Member engagement is critical to the success of ASPMN®, and the Board relies upon your recommendations for strong candidates. Even if you are new to the association, please consider colleagues you know. We are always looking for the next generation to lead our organization.

The positions that will be elected by the membership in 2019 are:
  • President-Elect (1)
  • Secretary (1)
  • Directors (3)
  • Nominating Committee Members (2)

Positions begin terms in September 2019. Review the position criteria carefully to acquaint yourself with each position. This information will assist you in recommending for nomination the best candidate for the office. It is our goal to offer more than one candidate for each office; however, this is dependent upon receiving a sufficient number of nominations for each office from the membership. You may recommend yourself or another ASPMN® member for nomination by completing the electronic submission form. All recommendations MUST BE RECEIVED BY April 28, 2019 to be considered for the slate of candidates. 

Please have the following information ready when submitting the nomination:
  • Board positions held
  • Committee(s), position(s) and year(s) served
  • Chapter(s), position(s) and year(s) served
  • Professional experience (Job title, Institution, City/State and date(s) of employment)
  • Years of experience in field as RN/APN in Pain Management
  • Education (Degree(s) earned and date(s))
  • Certifications
  • Personal statement (200 word limit; what qualifies you to seek this position?)​

Recommendations should be electronically submitted to ASPMN®’s Executive Office.

President (2019)

Debra J. Drew, MS, ACNS-BC, RN-BC
University of Minnesota Health​
Maplewood, Minnesota

Board Liaison: Communications Committee


President-Elect (2019)

Ann N. Quinlan-Colwell, PhD, RN-BC, FAAPM​
Wilmington, North Carolina
New Hanover Regional Medical Center​

Board Liaison: Research​ Committee 

Treasurer (2020)

Sharon K. Wrona, MS, RN-BC, PNP Maureen F. Cooney, DNP, FNP, RN-BC
Westchester Medical Center
Croton, New York​

Board Liaison: Conference Planning Committee

Secretary (2019)​

Lynn M. Clark MS, RN, CPNP-PC, AP-PMN

Advanced Practice Service
Children's Health System of Texas
Dallas, Texas​

Board Liaison: Awards and Recognition Committee​

Immediate Past President (2019)

Helen N. Turner, DNP, RN-BC, PCNS-BC, AP_PMN, FAAN Sharon K. Wrona, DNP, RN-BC, PNP, PMHS, AP-PMN​
Nationwide Children's Hospital​
Columbus, Ohio​

Board Liaison: Nominating Committee

Director (2020)

Esther I. Bernhofer, PhD, RN-BC, CPE​
Parma, Ohio
Cleveland Clinic​​​

 Board Liaison: Education Committee

Director (2019)

Maureen F. Cooney, DNP, FNP, RN-BC Janette Elliott, RN-BC, AOCN, CNS, MSN​
Palo Alto Veteran's Administration Health Care System
Palo Alto, California

Board Liaison: Master Faculty Committee


​Director (2020)

Robert K. Montgomery, DNP, RN-BC, ACNS-BC
Evergreen, Colorado
University of Colorado​

 Board Liaison: ​Membership/Chapter Resource Committee​

Director (2018)

Christine H. Peltier, BSN, RN-BC Teri Reyburn-Orne, RN, PPCNP-BC/CPNP-AC
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado​

 Board Liaison: Education Committee

Director (2019)

Jason Sawyer, RN (EC), MN, BC Jason Sawyer, RN, BSc.N, MN, NP​
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center
Toronto, Ontario

Board Liaison: Outcomes Task Force


Director (2019)

Barbara L. Vanderveer, RN-BC, MSN Kimberly Wittmayer MS, APN, PCNS-BC, AP-PMN​
Advocate Children's Hospital
Oak Lawn, Illinois​​

 Board Liaison: Membership/Chapter Resource Committee​