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​​​​President's Message​

​​Ann N. Quinlan-Colwell, PhD, RN-BC, D​AAPM​ ASPMN® President 2019-20​

ASPMN President Ellyn Schreiner

ASPMN® recognizes the systemic racism that has affected not only our Black and Brown patients but also our healthcare professional colleagues. Our collective pain and suffering have reached new levels as our nation struggles with a crisis of conscience that has emerged on top of the COVID-19 health crisis. 

As nurses – and more specifically as people who care – we advocate for those who are suffering. For physical pain, that means providing safe and effective pain management. For the emotional and societal pain we now face, however, the solutions will be more difficult. 

We call on our peers to help us in a search for answers and invite you to join a forum to share what you are seeing, how you are feeling, and how we, as a profession, can take effective action. 

We are starting that conversation today by asking each of you to share what’s going on for you. What level of pain and grief are you feeling?  How are you coping? What small or large things are you doing to help manage the pain for ALL your patients? And most of all, how can we help? Please reach out to us at